Mothore Foundry

is pioneering a new realm of financial inclusion with blockchain technology to foster more vibrant, equitable community economies.


Mothore Foundry is a pioneering token-gated think tank and incubator on an ambitious mission: to promote the growth of web3 by empowering African Diaspora members, providing them with the education, resources and knowledge needed for creating vibrant community economies.

Community Economy

Current economic systems and ledgers use a top to bottom approach where systems can be manipulated and power is central to platforms and governments. Blockchain technology enables aligned incentives and balances power dynamics between the individual member, community leaders and institutions. 


Onboard 100,000 people throughout the African Diaspora by 2025


100 Stewards

Through the initial application process, we will select 100 Stewards who share our core values: Hospitality, Curiosity, Build. 

Membership Term

2 years. 

Individual Membership

Supply 95  |  1 Eth

  • (10 memberships will be held in reserve for advisors and marketing)
  • World-class web3 educational instruction
  • One year W3Africa Festival Pass
  • Three year invitation to the Mothore Foundry Retreat
  • Token governance – 1 vote per token
  • Receive airdrops from incubated projects
  • Token-gate private chat
  • Member Spotlight – A Featured member will pose a topic for discussion
  • Bi-weekly Office Hours
  • Opportunity to contribute to and be published in academic research publications

Corporate Membership

Supply 5  |  35 Eth

  • All Individual Membership Benefits
  • Preferred access to talent pipeline
  • 10% off Saint Rock Media services
    • Events
    • Community
    • Web3
  • First year of Mothore Foundry Retreat + W3Africa Festival sponsorship waived (Blue Buffalo Package)
    • Second and Third year 10% off any sponsorship package


Mothore Foundry is launching Guilds in a variety of industries, offering Stewards the opportunity to come together and collaborate. Stewards, through Guilds will power progress by discussing research topics, form strategic partnerships with other organizations and experiment with innovative use cases for their given industry.

Climate & Clean Energy

Decentralized Finance (DeFi)


Innovation Economy

Metals & Mining


Supply Chain & Logistics

Public & Social Sector

Join Us

For Mothore Foundry’s Flagship event, W3Africa, to celebrate the advancements of research and community economies throughout the African Diaspora. The inaugural Festival Pass is included in your Membership.

Monday 18 – Tuesday 19 March 2024
Johannesburg, South Africa

Mothore Foundry Stewards will enjoy a day of curated connection and networking during the Mothore Foundry Retreat in Johannesburg, South Africa 13 March 2024.

Ready to build a community economy?